Stock Picking “Experts” Are Hiding a Dirty Little Secret that Could Help You Grow Your Trading Account by 1,164% in the Next 12 Months… 

If you’ve ever bought a stock based on the recommendation of a stock picking expert… then you need to pay very close attention.

Because I’m about to reveal a “dirty little secret” that nobody else has ever publicly mentioned… a secret that could 
12X your trading account in the next 12 months alone.

Quite frankly, my colleagues don’t want me to talk about this. They are literally terrified that I’m exposing how they really operate.

Listen… I’m sick and tired of charlatans taking advantage of good people like you by selling them a bill of goods.

That’s why in just a minute I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal a well-kept industry secret that could land me in some hot water.

Stock Picking Experts Are LYING to You!

That’s right. “Experts” who make stock recommendations routinely lie about their track records.

And I’ll prove it.

Now you might wonder…

“But if they show me their trades, how could they lie about their track records and get away with it?”

That’s a good question. So allow me to explain…

If you want to know how good a guy is at picking stocks, just ask him for his COMPLETE track record.

When I say “complete,” I mean ALL their trades… even the ones that are still open.

You see, here’s the problem.

Most other stock pickers and trading services only advertise their closed positions.

And THAT is the “dirty little secret” the trading industry does NOT want you to know about!

Almost every financial newsletter editor, stock picker, and trading service that’s existed for more than a three years has at least THREE open positions with significant losses.

I’m talking about losses of 50% or more.

Some as much as 80%.

Even newsletters that have only 12 months of picks often have at least one open position that’s down double digits.

Can you imagine signing up for a newsletter and putting $10,000 into their latest hot stock pick only to watch it immediately decline… and keep declining for months?

Can you imagine the regret, the agony, the raw embarrassment of watching your $10,000 investment slowly erode down to a pitiful $2,000?

Don’t believe this is happening to some people? Here's a recent real-life example I found. (I’ve hidden the name of the newsletter to avoid legal trouble…)

It should be pretty obvious…

If these open positions were closed and accounted for, the advertised track records would be far less impressive. Some wouldn’t be worth advertising at all!

So the next time somebody pitches you a stock trading service, I want you to ask for their ENTIRE track record since inception — INCLUDING all open trades in their model portfolio.

If they refuse, then you’ll know they’re hiding some nasty losses in their open positions. And you’ll also save yourself from subscribing to a service that may only be half as good as advertised.

So why am I sharing this information with you?

Because, as I mentioned before, I get really angry and pissed off when I see so-called “experts” pitching their services… when I know for a fact that their services could lead their customers to lose a lot of money.

But this isn’t just about avoiding portfolio-crushing losses…

 In just a minute, I’m going to tell you how you can take this information and use it to blow up your trading account by as much as 1,164%. But before I get to that, I need to answer the burning question you have, which is…

“Well, What about YOUR Track Record, David?”

I mean, it’s only fair. I just gave a black eye to a whole bunch of my colleagues, and I would be a total hypocrite if I didn’t reveal my own track record.

So I’m going to be totally transparent with you by revealing my COMPLETE short-term trading record, which runs from May 11, 2011 to February 27, 2015.

As you can see, during that 4-year span I picked 37 winners and only 4 losers…

That’s a 90.24% Win Rate!

And the losing trades were small. Two were 11% losses and two were less than 1% — which is essentially break-even.

The other thing you should notice is that the longest trade was only 32 days. The shortest, just 1 day.

With these short-term trade recommendations, I helped my subscribers make

  • 19.2% in just 4 days…
  • 9.4% in just 1 day…
  • and 27.5% in just 13 days.

One of the most important rules of stock trading is DON’T LOSE MONEY.

This is why I’m proud that more than 9 out of 10 of my picks produced gains for my subscribers.

My 90.24% win rate over 4 years didn’t happen by accident. It happened because I follow a very specific formula for identifying low-risk, high-probability trades.

It all starts with what I don’t try to do…

The Marijuana Stock Phenomenon

Why 9 Out of 10 of My Picks
Have Been Winners

Unlike other stock pickers, I’m not really interested in the story behind a stock. I’m also not interested in whether the stock can double or triple.

Because, like I said, I’m not trying to hit home runs.

I’m just trying to hit singles every time I step up to the plate.

So I don’t swing at anything outside the strike zone. A stock has to meet ALL my criteria for me to even consider taking a swing.

Let me explain…

Here’s What I Look for in a Stock

First, I’m looking primarily at small cap stocks because they are more volatile and tend to have bigger percentage movements than large caps.

These small cap companies have to meet strict criteria for me to even consider them. They must:

  • Be financially strong
  • Have rapidly growing revenues
  • Offer either:
  • a relatively new product/service that has substantial demand
  • or a product/service that is substantially better or attracting more attention than the competition

So, for example, if a stock is in an uptrend, I’ll be watching for a pullback to support levels. I’ll be watching for the downward price momentum to dry up completely, which means the selling is exhausted. Once the sellers disappear, it’s time to buy.

And that’s when I would issue a buy alert on that particular stock.

If the stock fits all my fundamental criteria, then there’s a very high probability it will bounce back toward the resistance line, handing me and subscribers quick gains of 5%, 10%, maybe even 20% or more.

Of course, it works the other way, too. Sometimes, I'll sell a stock short if I expect a quick decline (as I did recently TWICE with Tesla).

What do these trades look like? Here are just a few examples...

The Secret to Getting Rich
from Small Winning Trades

People ask me all the time, “Can I really get rich from small winning trades?”

The answer is yes. This is because:

Frequent short-term gains are both easier to realize… and… more profitable than big triple-digit trades.

I know this might sound crazy, but it’s true. And to prove it, let’s look at a brief easy-to-understand illustration. First ask yourself these 2 questions…

  • Is it better to get a 100% gain on a single trade that lasts 60 days?
  • Or… is it better to make 10 different short-term trades that each gain 10% during that same 60-day period?

Take a look…

The first example is simple.

You invest $5,000 into one trade. Sixty days later you have $10,000. You’ve doubled your money.

The second example isn’t quite as clear until you work it out in a spreadsheet…

If you invest your original $5,000 stake plus your gains into each successive trade, after 10 trades in which you make 10% each, you will have $12,968.

That’s a BIG difference.

Following the second model of frequent short-term 10% gains, you’d wind up with $2,968 in EXTRA profit!

Most People Can’t Stay in a Trade
Long Enough to Make 100% ROI

This is because it takes guts, strong belief, and emotional fortitude to stay in a trade long enough to make 100% or more.

Most people sell way too early on trades like this because they’re afraid to lose out on the profits they already have.

Think about it. You’re watching this stock and it’s up 30%... 40%... then 50%. Do you sell or do you stay in the trade?

Most people are thrilled with a 40% gain. They start getting antsy. They’re afraid of the stock reversing. So they sell on any little pullback, settling for maybe a 36% gain.

Few people have what it takes to stay in “home run” trades long enough for them to become home runs.

But here’s the good news: You don’t need “home run” trades to get rich in the stock market!

In fact, it’s much easier to make 10% over 3 or 4 days and sell for a profit than it is to watch one position run up 30%... 50%... 80%... until you finally get to 100%.

In other words, not only will you make more money from small frequent wins… it’s also more likely that you’ll actually be able to execute those trades.

 And it will be even easier if you decide to join my brand new trading service…

Introducing Maximum Profit Trader

I haven’t made short-term trade recommendations since 2015 because volatility dried up for a couple of years.

But with the return of volatility to the stock market, I’ve decided to launch a brand new premium trading service for a select group of traders.

I’ll do all the research and all the heavy lifting. I’ll tell you exactly when to buy and sell — no guesswork needed, no self-doubt, no hesitation.

How Quick, Low-Risk Trades Could Blow Up
Your Account by 1,164% in the Next 12 Months

Each winning trade I recommend (and 90.24% of my recommendations have been winners) will hand you around 5% to 15% gains on average.

Some of them may go over 20%, but let’s reduce our expectations and use 5% as an average gain for each winning trade, okay?

So how do we get from 5% to 1,164% gains in just 12 months?

The answer is simple. We compound our profits.

Let’s say you make one trade per week that nets you a 5% gain. Most people are happy with 5% a year. But we’re going to be more aggressive. We’re aiming for 5% a week.

It Does Not Matter If the Stock Market Declines

I’m well aware that the bull market is on its last legs. In fact, I called the recent "October surprise" slump for stocks — in public — weeks ahead of time. It was no surprise to my readers. In fact, we made money, buying a slew of my favorites as they fell, then selling them for a quick profit on the relief rally a few days later.

Look, it does not matter to me if stocks rise or fall. My Tesla short calls are a testament to that! I fully expect the market to recover and then drop again, and my subscribers will cash in once more.

Who This Service Is For

Because this is an aggressive premium trading service, I’m not looking for everybody to join. I’m looking for only specific types of traders.

Here’s who this service is for:

  • You have at least $5,000 to trade with.
  • You already have a trading account (or can open one quickly).
  • You understand the risks of short-term trading, but are willing to accept those risks in exchange for the possibility of consistent short-term profits.
  • You agree with my trading philosophy (described above).
  • You like the idea of making multiple short-term trades every month and compounding your profits.
  • You are able to receive alerts and execute trades during trading hours. (You can execute trades in 2 minutes on just about any smartphone no matter where you are.)

Do you meet these criteria? If so, let’s talk about cost…

An Investment in Your Financial Future

I won’t lie. This is a premium trading service and it carries a premium price. That’s because of two reasons:

I’m investing a huge amount of my time and energy into making this service wildly profitable for those who decide to join me. I only want serious traders to join Maximum Profit Trader because

I know they will act quickly on my trade recommendations and enjoy more success than a casual trader would.



Act Today… So You Don’t Miss
the Next Profitable Trade

Subscribe to Maximum Profit Trader Now  

To maximum profits,

-David Frazier

P.S. Most newsletter editors and stock pickers can’t come close to the track record I’ve established. And nearly all of them have losing open positions hidden in their model portfolios.

I’m different. Ask me for a list of my open trades at any time and I will gladly show them to you. Because they won’t have a negative effect on my track record.

Join Maximum Profit Trader today and let’s start compounding our profits together, shall we? You’re protected by two rock-solid guarantees, so you have nothing to lose and a helluva lot to gain…

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As you probably know, my name is David Frazier, and let me tell you…

As an industry insider for the last 26 years, I’ve seen more of the inner workings of the stock investing business than just about anybody.

Not only that, for the last 17 years I’ve been deep in the trenches, managing clients’ money, actively trading the markets, and recommending trades to my subscribers.

And in all those years, here is one of the most shocking and disturbing things I’ve discovered:

Who controls when a position is closed? The stock picking expert himself.

And if he wants to leave a position open for multiple years, he can.

Naturally, this ability to keep positions open for multiple years artificially INFLATES his results because he only closes positions that are winners or small losers.

And if you think about it, this makes sense.

When a stock-picking expert picks a losing stock that significantly drops in value, he’s now stuck in a difficult position.

If he closes the position, it’s a blemish on his track record that’s going to make his newsletter or service look bad.

But if he keeps the position open, he can just leave it hanging there… and he won’t have to account for it when advertising his track record.

Ultimately, it is a cleverly concealed lie of omission.

So here’s the lesson: Ten small 10% wins compounded over time produces 30% more profit than one 100% “home run” trade.

But this simple example addresses ONLY the math side of the equation. What about the emotional side of actually executing these trades?

Based on my experience and observation of other traders, I can tell you that mastering your emotions is the single hardest thing to do as a trader.

And because of their inability to control their emotions…

You just sit back, relax, and pick up easy profits without breaking a sweat or losing any sleep.

It should be clear, but just to state it outright: We’ll be trading aggressively. Trades may last for as little as one day or as long as one month (only if necessary).

You’ll get multiple updates every week telling you when to open new positions and when to close positions.

My one and only goal will be to generate frequent short-term gains of 5% to 20% every single week.

There are 52 weeks in a year. If you compound your original investment plus your profits, by the end of the year your account will have grown by 1,164%.

Here’s what that means in actual dollars and cents. At 5% gains per week, a starting account of $5,000 would grow to an eye-popping $63,214.04 in just one year.

Not bad, right? What would you do with an extra $58,214 in profit? Maybe take an exotic vacation… pay down your mortgage… buy a new car… or maybe even trade your way to even bigger profits.

The wonderful thing about my approach to trading is that it gives you options. It puts you in the driver’s seat. Your money is never tied up for long periods of time, yet you still get to enjoy the power of rapid compounding.

And if this sounds difficult or overly ambitious, I’d like to remind you that hundreds of stocks move 5% every single day… compared with an extremely small number of stocks that double each year.

Accurately picking stocks that double in value in a year or less is like trying to find a beach in Wyoming.

But finding quality stocks that make a 5% move during a one-week period is like finding golf balls at a driving range.

And it’s even easier than that because I find the stocks for you and tell you exactly when to buy and sell.

Claim Your Extremely Limited Spot For Just $1Claim Your Extremely Limited Spot For Just $1

Remember, I’m not looking for once-in-a-lifetime “Black Swan” events. I’m not trying to catch the biggest move a stock makes during an entire year.

I’m just trying to capitalize on the natural price movements of high quality small cap stocks that happen every single week in the market.

Quite frankly, it’s a relatively simple formula.

I’m combining fundamental and technical analysis to make trade recommendations that are as close to a “sure thing” as any other trading method I’ve found.

And THAT is why my 4-year track record is north of 90%.

Subscribe to Maximum Profit Trader NowSubscribe to Maximum Profit Trader Now

I don't shy away from "controversial" stocks. Among my latest picks are the leading Canadian pot stock and an Israeli-based cyber-security firm that protects corporations and governments from international hackers. And, of course, my prescient short calls on Tesla, the EV maker whose colorful CEO, Elon Musk, can't seem to stop making news.

The natural movements of stocks, both up and down, can provide perfect opportunities for short-term, high- probability trades. You simply have to know when hold 'em and know when to fold 'em, as the song goes.

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Offer Ends In: 00:00

Given that you could grow a $5,000 starting balance into $63,214.04 in a year’s time, I think it’s reasonable to offer a subscription to Maximum Profit Trader for $5,000 a year. After all, that’s less than 10% of the profits you could potentially enjoy in just your first year.

But because this is a new service, my publishers have told me I can’t set the price at $5,000… yet. Maybe in a few months after the service is up and running, but not now.

And so we got into a little back and forth. I suggested $3,000. They said that was still too high.

Finally, we reached an agreement.

I’m a little bit embarrassed to reveal this, but for a limited time you can subscribe to Maximum Profit Trader for the low sum of just $999 for a full year.

But I want to go even one GIGANTIC step further for you. Because I feel so strongly in my trading philosophy and my fantastic history of making winning trades, I want to give you a completely risk-free trial to The Maximum Profit Trader for $1.

I promise you, you won’t find a better, more accurate short-term trading service anywhere. Follow my trade recommendations and your subscription fee will pay for itself many times over, and once the 14-day trial is up, you will lock in your $999 subscription.

Of course, part of the agreement I reached allows me to raise the subscription fee once Maximum Profit Trader hits certain milestones.

Which means the low introductory subscription fee of $999 won’t last long.
If I get my way — and with a 90.24% winning record, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will — the annual subscription fee will at least double. The only question is when.

So if you are even a little bit interested in Maximum Profit Trader, I suggest you sign up today. Not only do I have a couple juicy trades I’m monitoring that I plan to alert any day now… waiting to sign up could cost you an extra thousand bucks just to get in the door.

I don’t want you to miss out on these trades, and — because I love to save a buck as much as the next guy — I’d hate for you to pay twice as much to subscribe when you can get in for just $999 today.

And here’s something else…

That’s right. For just a single dollar, you get to take Maximum Profit Trader on a risk-free test-drive for a full 14 Days.

If you don’t make a single profit in those 14 Days, you can cancel and I’ll refund your $1.

That gets you full unrestricted access to all my weekly buy and sell alerts, my price targets, and my weekly and monthly market updates.

You Have 14 Days to Try
Maximum Profit Trader Risk-Free For Just $1

Sign up today and get my trade alerts for the next 14 days. Buy and sell… and enjoy the thrill of bagging one winner after another.

Then, if for any reason at all you’re not thrilled with your decision to subscribe to Maximum Profit Trader, just contact customer service and they’ll give you a full refund — no questions asked.

This is my publisher’s standard guarantee, and it’s a damn good one.

 But I believe in my talent so much, I went to bat for you to get you an even BETTER guarantee that other trading services simply can’t afford…

My 12-Month “You Will Profit” Guarantee

Look, I know I’ve made some big claims in this letter. And I know you might be skeptical right now. And I don’t blame you at all… it’s totally normal.

But I want you to feel 100% confident in your decision to subscribe to Maximum Profit Trader today. That’s why I twisted my publisher’s arm to give you a guarantee you won’t find anywhere else (because if they offered this guarantee, it would be financial suicide...)

Here it is…

Subscribe today and follow all my trade recommendations for the next 12 months. If you’ve lost money at that point, I want you to call me up and demand a refund.

And I will gladly return every penny you paid!

Because… if my trade recommendations don’t multiply your wealth, I don’t deserve your money and I don’t want it.

Of course, to take advantage of this 12-month guarantee, you can't cherry pick my trade recommendations, acting on one trade here, another trade there… and skipping three trades in between.

You’ll have to execute all of them, along with my allocations and stop losses.

Do this for 12 months and I guarantee you’ll make money — otherwise, I’ll give you all your money back. It’s that simple.

(And my standard 14-day money-back satisfaction guarantee still applies no matter if you execute any trades or not. This 12-month “profit guarantee” is in addition to the standard 14-day guarantee.)

Right now, I’m monitoring a handful of stocks that meet my criteria, and I could issue a trade alert on any or all of them at any time… possibly even tomorrow.

The sooner you subscribe, the sooner you’ll have the opportunity to profit and start compounding your way to 1,164% gains.

Plus, you’ll lock in the low introductory subscription rate of $999/yr, which is a massive discount off the normal price.

 So click the link below and subscribe now. I look forward to welcoming you as the newest Maximum Profit Trader.

Take pot stocks. You’ll see a lot of newsletters out there pumping up marijuana shares. And there’s money in weed for sure.

If you had put money into a broad index of pot stocks in Jan. 2016 and sold this past January, your investment would have gone up 708%.

That’s a 354% annualized gain during a time when the stock market was barely treading water.

But pot investing, as with any new industry, can be extremely tricky. If you got in in the last six months or so, well, you lost money.

Risk is a real problem. Not that long ago, you had to buy most weed stocks over the counter. Almost all of them were penny stocks, highly volatile and very high risk.

Not my cup of tea. You can lose your shirt — and your house — playing with that stuff.

But things are changing fast in the marijuana business. By 2025, sales of medical and legal recreational cannabis in the United State is forecast to hit $24 billion.

In comparison, the top 10 global banks recently posted revenues of $70 billion. If pot legalization and regulation goes truly nationwide, marijuana could soon dwarf Wall Street!

We’ve definitely left the penny stock game behind. Pot today is a real business and it’s only going to grow as social acceptance increases and government gets behind basic regulations.

I believe that the real growth is still ahead for the legal weed business. And I’ve already made one powerful early pick for my subscribers.

Remember, many of these stocks are still quite small. They’re not even in the realm of small caps yet. Their businesses have a lot of room to grow as demand picks up.

I bought Cronos Group (Nasdaq: CRON), a Canadian producer, well ahead of the blockbuster news that Altria (NYSE: MO), the global tobacco giant, was getting in.

Altria paid $1.8 billion for 45% of Cronos and is expected to buy control over time. Our pot stock winner has risen by 14.4% in less than two months. I expect Altria’s recent entry to make Cronos run even higher.

What I noticed right away about Cronos is that the company is profitable — unlike some of the more celebrated, and money-losing, pot startups.

My research on the stock convinced me its price action pointed to an unusually low valuation in spite of the positive news on profits and increasing sales to come in its home market. So I sent out an urgent alert to my subscribers to get into Cronos immediately.

Altria management not long after saw the same thing I saw: A profitable business poised to grow exponentially as the U.S. marijuana market opens for real.

The stock soon shot straight up on the Altria news. Bada bing, bada boom. Money made.

But don’t buy a single pot stock until you read this important advice!

Everyone is jumping on the marijuana stock craze, and that makes investing in them pretty close to impossible.

See, most pot stocks were, until recently, basically penny stocks.

You had to buy them over the counter on Canadian exchanges. Market caps were tiny, so any trading action either way — buy or sell — got hugely amplified.

Result: Insane price swings and sleepless nights for many would-be weed millionaires.

I’m here to tell you there’s a better way.

And that's why I put together all of my research into my latest report, "3 Great Pot Stock Plays" and I want to give it to you for FREE today.

But you might be asking, "Why are you so confident?"

Well let me explain...