It’s time to face facts…

We’re all thinking the same thing. 

Will The Market Keep Surging or Crash 50%+?

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By Real Daily Editorial Staff

Should you be invested in Tesla above $2,000 with a price target of $3,000+?

Are Biotech ETF’s like iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF (IBB) entering a bubble-phase and 

Will stocks like Amazon and Apple continue to surge leaving you missing out on even bigger gains?

And perhaps most importantly…

And perhaps most importantly…

Will a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win in November send stocks down 50% OR MORE?

Well, the truth is nobody can predict with any certainty how this November’s election will play out.

And there’s more than one way the election could go...

Will we have a Democratic President with a Republican Congress?

Or a Republican President with a Democratic Congress? Or might one of the parties even make a full sweep?

Any scenario could easily drive the stock market in a different direction….

History teaches us that a Democratic President with a Republican Senate or House has historically been the best bet for the S&P’s overall performance (like during the 1990s internet boom)…

But in the short term, this kind of uncertainty wreaks havoc on investors’ portfolios.

In fact, with the polls putting both candidates neck and neck, nobody has any idea what to prepare for.

And when investors don’t know what to prepare for, they don’t know the best places to put their money.

If Trump Gets Reelected...

In the case of a Trump reelection, we can assume the forces that have built today’s bull market could continue.

Trump’s market-friendly policies have helped send the stock market soaring even while unemployment is hitting record highs.

But even with his additional tariffs on imports, a booming stock market is precisely what investors would expect from the Republican’s business-friendly policies.

These are the factors that have defined Trump’s market. And in the event of his reelection, there’s no reason to assume they’ll change… Unless the instability underneath everything else bubbles to the surface.

So maybe you should simply keep your money where it is right now. That’s certainly a comforting thought…

In the Event of a Biden Win...

But if Biden wins in November, we can assume some changes might be in place.

The Democrat is already touting higher taxes—although, a corporate rate of 28% is far from the highest we’ve ever seen.

He also wants to expand the Affordable Care Act, which could put more money in insurance company’s pockets.

However, his additional focus on lower drug prices could potentially hurt pharmaceutical company’s bottom-lines. So maybe you want to short a pharmaceutical ETF like IBB.

Biden is also pushing clean and renewable energy sources, which could give current highfliers like Tesla (TSLA) an additional boost.

His policies could even be a boon to other energy companies like NextEra Energy (NEE) and Xcel Energy (XEL). So maybe you’re ready to take a chance on one of these next generation technologies.

But just like in 2012, 2008, and 2004… it looks like we’re in the middle of another election year where each scenario paints the market in a completely different light.

What’s a savvy investor to do?

Don’t Try and Guess Who Wins and Follow This ‘Options Blueprint’

Well, there are a few things you could do.

You could keep doing what you’re doing now and hope the bull market continues.

You could prepare for a Biden win and plan your investments accordingly.

Or you could even try predicting the future and set yourself up to be a millionaire based on whatever you believe may happen.

But we think the best thing you can do is start investing in a way that isn’t tied to politics or trends.


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And the best way we know to do that is by following our friend Phil Davis’ Buffett Options Blueprint.

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