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The Millionaire Money Secret

How do they do it?

Today one rogue investment analyst with 35-years of experience and a record that’s the envy of Wall Street ‘spills the beans’ on the Money Secrets of the Elite.

Even in Retirement, the Rich Always Come Out Ahead…

The founders of these family fortunes earned their billions a long time ago…

And now they’re hell-bent on keeping it.

They’ve spent a lifetime amassing their fortunes away from the public eye… picking up the secrets to making and keeping their riches along the way.  

And now that it’s theirs, they have what I call Bulletproof Wealth.  

The kind of wealth that lasts.

Haven’t you ever noticed how the rich always seem to be in the right place at the right time?

They know what to do to protect their wealth… while everyone else struggles just to get by...

Until now.

Thanks to our connected world, you can be in the right place at the right time.   

Everything we know as the human species is a click or google search away at your fingertips...That’s how you landed on my site.

And lucky for you, now you can learn all that the wealthy know.

Now, anyone can learn the secrets of the wealthy. 

You just need a guide to show you the way...

You see, over my years as a successful trader and investment advisor, I started to notice something...

The rich truly were different from the ‘Average Joe’.

  • Whenever the stock market fell, the wealthy barely break a sweat.

  • While the rest of us toil away trying to save for retirement, they haven’t a care in the world. 

  • And when the IRS man arrives, they know exactly how to minimize their tax bill.

Everything under the sun on how to invest throughout your years and generate Bulletproof Wealth for you and your family.

I didn’t just learn these secrets overnight.

I spent 30 years studying how the rich invest in each stage of their lives…

And I’ve used this knowledge to create more wealth than I ever dreamed.

Thanks to savvy investing, I'm ready to share their secrets with you.

Soon you’ll know the secret of how they grow wealth no matter the political climate, tax rates, economy, and anything else that comes your way.

But to fully appreciate what I’m about to give you, you need to know what you’re up against.

Because make no mistake... there’s a war going on.

A battle that the rich are winning.

And the weapon on this war isn’t guns, bombs, or blades...it’s information.


The wealthy don’t just have secrets...

They have an edge.

It’s no exaggeration to say the odds are stacked against the little guy...

Until now.  

Did you ever wonder why the rich never seem to be bothered by economic recessions, political turmoil, and social instability?  

It’s because they’re insulated … far away from everyday life.

They feel safe… because they have the right friends in all the right places. 

But not just any old friends -- members of the elite. 

In boardrooms, private golf courses, and elite clubs...these are the places where the rich learn the secrets to Bulletproof Wealth.

Here, the rules are simple.

And believe me when I say, the wealthy make their own rules.

By one count, there are about 2,350 family offices that have a minimum of $50 million in assets — including single-family and multifamily businesses — according to FINTRX, a Boston-based family office data, and research platform.

That's up 23% from a year ago.

Institutional Investor estimates put the number of assets managed by family offices at $4 trillion.   

And Robert Casey, senior managing director of research at Family Wealth Alliance, thinks that figure is low.

In case you haven’t guessed it, the rich don’t use any old financial advisor or brokerage firm… they build their own.  

They open family offices staffed with their own investment advisors and tax accountants.

Their own private ‘inner circle.’

Take the story of Dallas, Texas’ Old Parkland Hospital, for example.

Built in 1894 as Dallas’ first public hospital...

Today, it has been reborn as an enclave of the rich and powerful:

To walk the hallways of Old Parkland is to be initiated into the very heart of American wealth and privilege…

Advertised to the public as a ‘Business Campus’ Old Parkland is so much more...

It’s access.

Access to deals, clients, and an entire network of the “rich helping the rich.”

Most importantly, it’s access to their secrets...

  • Developed by the billionaire real-estate developer Harlan Crow, Old Parkland cost $300 million to renovate. 

  • Former President George W. Bush just signed a lease for the entire sixth floor of a new building currently under construction on Old Parkland’s ten-acre campus. 

  • It’s home to over 100 wealth-management firms, family offices, and foundations

Old Parkland is also nearly impossible to join…

To rent office space there, you practically have to be chosen.

One private equity manager, who oversees a sum well into the billions, had this to say after his interview:

“...three and a half hours in, I leaned back and realized my shirt was drenched [with sweat]. We hadn’t even looked at the office property yet…”

Average Americans would be hard-pressed even to get an interview.

And don’t bother trying to sneak in for a look.. security at Old Parkland is everywhere... rivaling the U.S. Secret Service.

Think of Old Parkland as part office space, part country club, and part art museum

As one visitor put it:

“There are incredible sculptures in the parking lot.”

You’re interviewed to make sure you have the financial ability to live up to the standards of this elite ‘club’.  

In return, you get to operate in obscurity and far away from the public eye.

Leaving the lawyers,  bankers, and financial institutions to pound on someone else’s door.

Granted instant access to the secrets inside…

Because that’s the real millionaire money secret: Information.


All you need is a blueprint.

A guide full of all the secrets of millionaires.

So that’s what I did.

I put it all together in my new book…

This newly published book has it all…

Everything the rich don’t want you to know.

Like Gordon Gecko famously said in the movie Wall Street

“The most valuable commodity I know of is information.”

He was right.

Do you think the wealthy cared when the markets melted in the late 2000s? Of course not.  

Sure, they had money invested just like you and me.  But they knew what to do to adapt.

Smart investors were investing then because they knew that what goes down must go up again.  

Better still, they knew what to buy.

My Millionaire Money Secret is the product of 30 years of research into the investing habits of the rich.  

Hard work that you can reap the benefits of right now...

Everything on how the rich invest in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.  

Not just what they invest in, but how to balance a portfolio for the life-stage you’re in.

The rich accumulate wealth by:

  • Purchasing market-beating stocks 

  • Owning real estate that generates rental income 

  • Minimizing their tax burden 

  • Controlling risk 

  • Dozens of other secrets. 

See a common thread here?  

MMS hands you, on a silver platter, the tools you need to achieve multiple revenue streams...  

A road map to wealth and your GPS for personal investing.

Think of The Millionaire Money Secret as your very own ‘Family Office’ just like Old Parkland.

There’s a reason companies like Amazon don’t pay corporate taxes.

They have informed financial advisors that know the extent of the law.

The Millionaire Money Secret is your guide to grow your wealth no matter the national or international political climate, or the economic forecast.  

In just a few moments, I’ll show you how you can claim your FREE physical copy.

I hope that you’ll keep it for years to come and pass it down to future generations in your family.

You’ll be amazed at how your portfolio performs during these times of troubling political events.

Then you can start playing the game with the secrets once reserved for millionaires.

But before I tell you how you can claim your free copy, here’s a taste of what’s inside...

The Secrets Behind How the Wealthy Invest During Their Working Years (And Pay Little in Taxes!)

The Millionaire Money Secret is Bullet Proof Wealth-building secrets for anyone.

And it all starts with keeping more of what you make…Think legal tax evasion.  

When push comes to shove, everyone wants to minimize their taxes and maximize profits. Right? It’s a game of profit & loss and you’re going to win this one.

You don’t have to go far to find excellent examples of this.

Under the current Trump tax code, it’s not only Amazon that didn’t pay a cent in Federal Income Tax.

  • Delta Airlines 

  • Chevron 

  • GM

Sixty of America’s biggest corporations, generating a combined 79 Billion dollars in profits, didn’t pay any Federal taxes.

You can’t afford not to own The Millionaire Money Secret.

Why would you want to miss this opportunity?

This is step one of Bulletproof investing.

Seriously investing is taking advantage of compound interest.

Consider this: $1000 saved a month at age 25 to age 35 and then invested with a 7% return with no additional investment matures at age 65 a  whopping $1,444,969.  

I like to say, “Save now, Celebrate later.”

The Millionaire Money Secret is how the rich get it done.

However, if that’s not you, don’t fret.

Winning at wealth creation in your middle years is no problem for the rich.  

In my book, you’ll learn to manage the secrets of asset and tactical allocation and how to manage an oversold or overbought market.

Let me remind you, The Millionaire Money Secret is with you every step of the way.

Once you’ve achieved your personal “Mt. Everest of Wealth” you’ll need to shift to what the rich do next…  

Fortunately for you, you’ll have adopted the strategies found inside my book... And your wealth will be secured by an impenetrable firewall of The Millionaire Money Secret.

The Secret to Guaranteeing and Keeping a Million-Dollar Retirement

When it comes to retirement, you need to know what’s lurking behind the next corner.

When they retire, the rich are holed up in their ‘family office’ at Old Parkland.

You can follow their lead.

With The Millionaire Money Secret you’ll know when opportunities are ripe for the taking…how to read between the lines.  

With it as your blueprint, you’ll even learn how to use market indicators to guide you and minimize losses and profit from gains.

The end goal is simple: Retire with as much wealth as you can acquire.

The Secret to Endless Income in Retirement

By the time they retire, millionaires don’t sweat paying the bills.

That can be you.

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees…

But with The Millionaire Money Secret, you’ll feel like it does.

Inside my book, you’ll find a treasure-trove of strategies that will ensure you never run out of money.

Every tactic under the sun is there at your disposal.

Dividend stocks, real estate, whether to utilize a reverse mortgage.

It’s all there.

I even tell you where to live once you’ve decided on your goals.

For example, did you know that seven states have no income tax?

They are…

1. Alaska
2. Florida
3. Nevada
4. South Dakota
5. Texas
6. Washington
7. Wyoming

This book even reveals the two states that are about to join the list.

I even analyze what the wealthy do when it comes to the size of their homes.

Want to down-size? Is that five-bedroom, four-bath, 5600 square-foot home necessary for the two of you?  

There are a lot of good memories, I know.  

But memories don’t pay the bills… And the rich never shed a tear when it’s a good business decision.

All this, and so much more, in The Millionaire Money Secret.

So why am I allowed to ‘spill the beans’ in this book?

It wasn’t easy.

But after considerable negotiations with my partners, I’ve convinced them now is the right time to share our ‘secret sauce'.

And the best part is, you can get a copy of your own FOR FREE today with this once-in-a-lifetime offer.

I’ve got one simple question to ask you… 

Do you want to invest like the rich? 

Of course, you do.

That’s because you know that when it comes down to it, the wealthy have all sorts of strategies for growing and protecting their wealth. 

Strategies that have been kept hidden from people like you and me. 

All the while, the average American falls further and further behind… 

And the top 1% does it by investing... putting their money to work for them while they relax by the pool. 

What I’m talking about is much more than just buying a stock market index fund and hoping for the best. 

Not by a long shot. 

You see, in my experience, that’s a sucker’s game and the wealthy don’t play it. 

Instead, they take control of their money and their financial future by:

  • At just 8% per year, $1,000 becomes $2,000 in nine years. 

  • At 12% per year, $50,000 grows to become $155,000 just a decade later. 

  • And at 20% per year, an initial $100,000 stake leaps to $248,832 a mere five years! 

Today I’m going to show you how you can put these same strategies to work for you and your family. 

Because the truth is, ANYONE can implement them and achieve their financial dreams.
It’s why I wrote this book hot off the presses. 

You see, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. 

I’ve achieved success the old-fashioned way: On my own merits.

Each one of these 47 Ways are the result of a lifetime spent learning and honing my skills as a wealth builder and accumulator.

Now it’s your turn.

You can claim your copy of this wealth of knowledge completely free. 

Once it’s in your hands, you’ll have everything you need to do to start acquiring and growing your wealth. 

You’ll start taking advantage of what Albert Einstein himself called the “8th wonder of the World.” 

I’m referring, of course, to compound interest. 

You may never have taken a finance class, but I’m willing to bet you know just how powerful this fundamental law of finance truly is.

  • Investing in market-beating stocks for the long-term. 

  • Owning real estate that generates rental income.
  • Minimizing their tax burden. 

  • Controlling their risks. 

  • Plus dozens of other secret strategies they don’t want you to know.

Compounding your money is the miracle of American Capitalism, and it’s the FIRST thing the wealthy master.

I’ve spent decades mastering the ability to compound my wealth via the stock market. 

My investment newsletter has returned 32.5% over the last year, while the S&P 500 has turned over just 13.4%.  

The best part is this leaving the market in the dust is just the beginning… 

That’s because the strategies contained in The Millionaire Money Secret are the keys to achieving the life you deserve.  

The Secret is Out

Did you know that 56% of people in the United States today don’t have enough money to last them through retirement — even a retirement that’s considered “poverty level?” 

Or that a 65-year-old couple retiring today will spend, on average, a total of $275,000 out of pocket on healthcare? 

It’s true. 

Let’s face it… 

The odds are stacked against anyone who doesn’t know the secrets that the super-wealthy use every day.  

You can do it. 

You simply need a roadmap showing you the way. 

That’s why I’ve put together this FREE book that will reveal the secrets and help you retire with not only enough money to live on but enough money to THRIVE — to live out your golden years with joy ... ease … and excitement. 

And I’d like to send you this book right now — all at my expense.

The Time to Invest is NOW

Let me introduce myself once again. 

My name is David Frazier. 

You’ve likely seen me on TV, but in case you’ve never heard of me, here’s why I’m qualified to tell you how you can make a killing by purchasing The Millionaire Money Secret.  

  • First, I have over 35 years of experience in the financial markets. 

  • I’m the Founder, President, and Chief Market Strategist of Frazier, Browne & Mayer, a provider of investment research for small hedge funds and registered investment advisors. 

  • I am also Chief Editor and Senior Analyst of The Bulletproof Wealth Report – my market-beating investment newsletter. 

Since inception, my recommendations are up an average of 19%.

How do I do it? 


I spend my days researching companies destined to become tomorrow’s winning stocks – businesses poised to become market leaders in their industries. 

I then combine that with vast amounts of economic analysis is – what the wealthy use to stay one step ahead. 

For me to even consider a stock, a few things have to align…

  • Their revenues and earnings have to be growing at a rapid rate… 

  • They need to be strong financially… 

  • And they’re trading at reasonable prices in relation to the current value of their projected future earnings. 

My style of investing leads to incredible results. 

In the early 2000s, I went all-in on a few little companies by the names of Netflix, Intuitive Surgical, and Baidu, names that everyone else had barely heard of at the time. 

I knew that through my proprietary research methods, I’d landed on some heavyweights. 

And boy did I! 

Those who listened to me made out like bandits with gains to the tune of 49,955%, 6,373%, and 3,334%, respectively. 

I like to say I zigged, when everyone else zagged.

You see, many investment strategists focus on the biggest, safest stocks that everyone else owns. 

The rich don’t use them – and neither should you. 

These “financial advisors” try and search out “safe” investments. 

You know… the kind of stocks that can keep your portfolio barely in the green with minimal yearly increases. 

The problem with this approach is that when something unexpected happens, such as the recent onslaught of political and international conflicts, fear of trade wars happening right now with China, etc… These stocks can’t save your portfolio from massive losses. 

There’s little upside, and a whole lot of downside. 

When the majority of your portfolio is made up of these types of investments, that’s when panic arises

Don’t get me wrong, I believe every portfolio should have its share of these investments. 

But to truly outperform and seize the financial future, you deserve to own the Netflix’s, Intuitive Surgical’s, and Baidu’s of tomorrow

The type of stocks that can send your portfolio through the roof like a rocket being launched into space. 

Through my investment research firm Frazier, Browne & Mayer I’ve been approached by countless members of the 1% for help. 

They’re all willing to pay thousands for this kind of information… 

Which makes total sense. 

What would a family office care about paying $5,000 for a research report on a stock that could make them 10,000X that amount? 

Which is exactly the business that Frazier, Brown & Mayer is in… 

Growing and keeping wealth for the long term. 

Picking winners… the kind of companies that go on to dominate tomorrow’s business headlines. 

This is exactly why the rich get richer. 

They have the best research on the best stocks (the research I provide them) before anyone else… 

But don’t worry. 

I’m happy to announce that I’ve worked out a special deal with my partners… 

You see, I’ve made our clients so much money over the years that I’ve been permitted to cut you in on this deal. 

So you can learn The Millionaire Money Secret and start claiming the financial future you deserve. 

Anyone who subscribes to my investment newsletter David Frazier’s Bulletproof Wealth today risk-free will receive a free paperback copy of The Millionaire Money Secret right to their door. 


And since you’re among the first to see this page I’ll throw in something very special. 

I’m going to send you not one but THREE subscriber-only investment reports to give your wealth-building journey a big head start.

Learning The Millionaire Money Secret is Just the Beginning…

Now is the time to get rich. 

So allow me to tell you why there’s a handful of stocks you should be buying today. 

You see, the beauty of the stock market is that there’s more than one way to get rich. 

There are thousands of publicly traded companies out there… 

The most profitable of which are ripe for the picking. 

I firmly believe that with the right focus, any of us can retire comfortably. 

Instead of worrying about what the market will do tomorrow, you could be… 

Hitting the links…

Enjoying a day at the beach…

Or just spending time with friends and family…

And you can’t do it without money. 

So that’s why I compiled three reports to ensure you have everything you need to invest once you’ve learned The Millionaire Money Secret.

Three FREE Mega-Profit Reports

These reports can’t be found anywhere else and are only available with this offer.

Your wealth-building future starts with…




We’re at the dawn of a massive technological shift… 

A whirlwind of factors are intersecting to create a hurricane of profit opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence, entertainment disruption, and the emergence of 5G cellular service are all going to change the world as we know it. 

The last time this happened – call it ‘Internet 1.0’ - we got Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Now, a host of new technological trends is set to rock the markets… 

Fortunes will be made.

And you’ll be there to get rich off them. 

First with the “Microsoft of Cybersecurity.” 

Then, with the countless opportunities that are now presenting themselves. 

The best of which are detailed in “3 Mega Tech Trends 2019.” 

Inside you’ll find…

  • A comprehensive analysis of current technological trends and how they’ll play out in the future. 

  • A deep-dive analysis of these tectonic trends and how they’ll shape the future and your investment portfolio. 

  • Three perfect investments tied to each trend – giving you nine investment options to profit massively as these technologies develop. 

With this report you’ll be completely up-to-speed on the rapid profit-producing changes happening all around us and affecting the wealth of millions.


A $99 Value!

Your wealth-building future starts with…




A market crash is coming. 

It’s not a question of if, but when

But don’t think of me as a ‘doomsayer’. 

Crises can be opportunities. 

That is, if you know they’re coming and what to do when they arrive. 

The truth is in the numbers: At the time of this writing we are in the midst of the longest bull-market in history. 

Since the S&P 500’s Great Recession lows investors have been in for a nearly 320% gain in less than ten years. 

Will it last? 

The short answer is no. 

That’s why this handy guide includes everything you need including:

Consider this your playbook for an eventual market swoon. 

You see, I believe anyone can profit in any market environment. 

You just need to make the right moves with the help of the right mentors. 

Wall Streets rules don’t mean much when you can have Bulletproof Wealth.

That’s true even for retirees. 

You see, Wall Street would have you believe that as we approach retirement you need to buy bonds and avoid stocks completely. 

But nothing could be further from the truth. 

That’s why I put together…


  • What is a bear market and why are they unique? 

  • How I manage to spot bear markets coming a mile away and use them to my advantage. 

  • Thriving the way the wealthy do once the next bear market does arrive.

A $99 Value!




Recently, someone asked Warren Buffett what he would invest in if he had far smaller sums of money. 

His answer shocked the audience. 

Because what he said was the perfect pitch for why investing in small-cap stocks is far superior to investing in old, stogy large-caps: 

“If I was running $1 million today..I think I could make you 50 percent a year...No, I know I could…”

If Warren Buffett telling you to invest in small-cap growth stocks isn’t good enough, I don’t know what is. 

We’ve all seen the statistics. 

With the right research and insight, anyone can profit from this his advantage.
Especially retirees. 

Inside this research report, you’ll learn:


  • The case for buying small-cap growth shares and holding them for the long-run no matter what your age. 

  • Metrics that retirees (or anyone!) can use to pick small capitalization stocks. 

  • Five of my top “Retiree Growth Picks” to get you started building wealth long past your last day on the job. 

Small Cap Retiree Growth Portfolio

A $99 Value!

I’ll send you ALL THREE
of these reports at NO COST!

You have 15 minutes to take advantage of this offer!

This isn’t some sales ploy… 

It’s an honest reflection of a blunt truth: My clients deserve access to this research as well. 

The reason I was able to convince my partners to offer this deal is because our clients (hedge funds, private offices, and high net worth individuals) manage millions of dollars. 

When they move on a stock – it’s enough to send shares up as much as 5%, 7%, even 10% or more in some cases. 

That’s the advantage of being one of the “little guys.” 

If you manage to get out in front of a few “whales” buying a stock, you can make profits FAST. 

And the whale wouldn’t even notice!

Claim Your Copy TODAY

I’m going to make this easy. 

I just told you why I’m willing to send you a free copy of The Millionaire Money Secret

And I’ve even compiled three additional reports to aid you in achieving your financial dreams:




All three of these incredible guides are yours FREE today. 

I ask one small favor. 

I’ve just launched an investment newsletter separate from my investment research firm Frazier, Brown & Mayer. 

In less than two years, this publication is already up to 4,000 subscribers – and leaving the market in the dust:

I’m doing it because I want to help you and anyone else that wants to follow in my Bulletproof footsteps to achieve their dreams. 

People like…

“I’ve made money on David’s recommendations… he’s clear and unequivocal … has a logical strategy and it is clearly explained… his clarity is a refreshing change.”

“Hi David: I was hoping you would start a new newsletter. I am very glad to have access to your advice again.”

And Rob C says:

Wayne K wrote:

“I love your new service. The info is always wonderful and thorough. I always enjoy your messages, just because you hit the nail on the head. Your advice is concise, easy to understand, even for me, and timely.”

Marie wrote to me:

“Thank you for sticking in there for us, and being so committed to explaining your investment recommendations to us, and truly wanting to help us make back money & grow it despite these difficult times. I've been following your advice since the beginning and appreciate your service.”

Peter T says:

“Nearly all the currently profitable positions I'm sitting on are from your recommendations.  I wish I had jumped on your recommendations sooner. But, better late than never, right? Thanks for your insights.”

Craig A emailed saying:

“I am very happy with the quality service you provide, to include timely updates and solid investment recommendations. Please keep up the great work!!!”

Nick B tells me:

And Eric R says:

“I have been a member of your service almost since the beginning and I've been really happy with everything thus far.”

Just think.
Each of these people was in your shoes at one point, and they decided to gain access to my research and my model portfolios… 

And they have all been rewarded handsomely. 


It’s your turn. 

So in exchange for receiving not one, not two, but three valuable research reports as well as your printed copy of The Millionaire Money Secret (combined Retail Value: $396) I simply ask that you give my newsletter a try…

An annual subscription to Bulletproof Wealth Report costs $197.

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Let's Review…

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 A 12-months subscription to Small-Cap Profit Confidential complete with:

  • Monthly Stock Picks. 

  • Economic Analysis and Insight. 

  • Constant trade and news updates. 

  • And of course, direct access to me – David Frazier.

Plus a library of free reports that are yours to keep whether you maintain your subscription or not. 

$99 Value




I mean, look at the bonuses alone! 

This is the best offer I’ve ever made. 

Now I know what you’re thinking… 

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Well first off, because a lot of other publishers do… 

Second, I’m supremely confident you’ll make multiples of that when you heed my advice…

But mainly, because I believe if we put out quality investment advice that constantly helps people profit… 

You’ll stick around. 

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Not you, Us. 

Bottom line… 

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