Wall Street’s
“Worst Kept Secret!”

14-year-old, almost forgotten about scientific study proved what we’ve known all along…

How You Can Beat The Stock Market 100% Of The Time. Turn $10,000 Into $3,250,000 In The Worst Case Scenario, And Create A Perpetual Money Making Machine Using…

That little-known 2004 study proved a forsaken, scorned group of stocks, trounced companies like IBM, GE, etc. (the ones your broker has you in) by a factor of 30 to 1!

Best part? Since then, I’ve perfected a system to improve your odds of staggering, massive stock market profits even greater.

How great? Here are a few returns I created for my initial investors…

Stock A returned a tidy 3,334%...

Stock B returned a decent 6,373%...

And Stock C returned a massive 49,955%!

Intrigued? Read on to discover How To Turn Wall Street’s “Worst Kept Secret,” Into Your Own Perpetual Money Making Machine…

Dear Reader,

In the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal a “hidden” group of stocks that beat the S&P 500 100% of the time. In the worst possible case scenario, this group of stocks turned every dollar invested into $325.

Sound like a fairy tale? Believe me, this is for real. And we just discovered a 14-year-old, almost forgotten about scientific study that proves it.

I’ll explain the findings of this incredible study in a minute. But the study proves how these kinds of stocks (ones I recommend to my subscribers) beat the market 100% of the time.

Using this database, Professor James Haltiner of the College of William and Mary, a renowned teacher of corporate finance, investments, and quantitative methods courses for 30 years, took the monthly returns from the database and linked them geometrically to form “wealth indexes,” starting at $1 (as of June 30, 1927).

From these wealth indexes, rolling period returns, e.g., 10-year rolling periods, were easily constructed.

The results of the study are stunning.

The study proved that, over the long run, our favorite “Stock Playground” trounced stocks like IBM, GE, etc. by a ratio of 30 to 1.

A dollar invested in the S&P 500 Index at the end of June 1927 would have accumulated to $2,636 by July 31, 2005 (capital gains + dividends reinvested).

However, that same dollar invested in 1927 in our “Stock Playground”…

Would Have Grown To An 
Astounding $85,811 By July 31, 2005!   

Moreover, for shorter time horizons (than the entire 83-year period under study), our “Stock Playground” outperformed the S&P 500:

100% of all 20-year time periods since July 1927…

84% of all 10-year time periods since July 1927, and…

69% of all 5-year time periods since July 1927!

And, even in the worst 20-year time period in history for investments, a time that included the Great Depression, for crying out loud…

Our Favorite “Stock Playground” Grew $1 Into $325!

How’d the S&P 500 do? $1 grew to $2.12.

Keep in mind this study includes all stocks in our favorite “Stock Playground” – the dogs as well as the diamonds.

Anyway, I hope turning $1 into $325 in the worst possible case scenario is interesting to you.

In a moment, you’ll discover how to make that look like peanuts.

But perhaps you’re still skeptical at this point.

Maybe you don’t believe the remarkable 2004 research – or you may not believe me.

But maybe you will trust the world’s greatest living investor…

Sometimes it’s not fun to be Warren Buffett.

Sure, he’s the world’s second-richest man, worth over $43 billion at last count.

Sure, just about everything he invests in pays off — from Coca-Cola to GEICO.

And yes, he has the respect of Wall Street — able to move the market with a few well-chosen sentences.

Warren has billions to play with. But that’s exactly the problem. In fact, it’s a huge advantage NOT to have a lot of money to invest with.

Don’t buy that?

Here’s what Mr. Buffett had to say in a now-famous 1999 Business Week article about our favorite “Stock Playground”:

“If I was running $1 million today, or $10 million for that matter, I'd be fully invested. Anyone who says that size does not hurt investment performance is selling. The highest rates of return I've ever achieved were in the 1950s. I killed the Dow. You ought to see the numbers. But I was investing peanuts then. It's a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money. I think I could make you 50% a year on $1 million. No, I know I could. I guarantee that."

"The universe I can't play in [i.e., our “Stock Playground”] has become more attractive than the universe I can play in [companies outside our “Stock Playground”]. I have to look for elephants. It may be that the elephants are not as attractive as the mosquitoes. But that is the universe I must live in."

And in fact, even 50% a year sounds like peanuts to me.

Small Stocks With “Hidden” Value!

That’s right – stocks of small, undervalued companies.

Warren Buffett’s beloved “mosquitoes.”

Stocks otherwise known as… 

You see, the fact that small company stocks always outperform large company stocks over time has been well-known on Wall Street for years…

"Small-stock dominance is in line with historical trends. Small companies as a class generally do better over the long run – that's where the growth is."

-- Morgan Stanley's Byron Wien, The Wall Street Journal

"[The] average accumulation of small stocks is higher than the average accumulation for large stocks for every possible holding period. And that advantage is substantial for long holding periods…[F]or holding periods greater than 18 years, small stocks beat large stocks over 90% of the time, and for holding periods longer than 32 years, small stocks always outperformed large stocks."

--“Small Stocks vs. Large: It's How Long You Hold That Counts,” Sherman Hanna and Peng Chen, AAII Journal

But the problem is, it simply takes a lot of work – lots of digging – to find these little diamonds in the rough.

And you have to have a way to separate the wheat from the chaff. Not many Harvard MBA research analysts are willing to work that hard to ferret these jewels out.

Much less you and me!

Nope. Most research analysts pile like lemmings into huge behemoths like GE, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

Tons of data are easily available for these types of companies. They know what causes each and every zig and zag of the stock.

Heck, they even know when the CEO goes to the bathroom!

Then they wait to see what all the other analysts are saying about the stock, and say pretty much the same to their own clients or brokers.

Then, if they’re lucky, they can “brag” about an incredible 8% to 10% return a year to their clients. “Hey – it’s better than the money market,” they say!

They try to convince you and me that this is the “best you can do” in the market, and put these stodgy, do-nothing stocks in our portfolios.

And we are supposed to feel grateful with the piddly 7% or 8% return year after year.

Obviously, investing in large company stocks is a long, long road to wealth.

But here’s the good news…

We’ve found a shortcut off that long road.

How To Make A Fortune In Stocks No One Has Ever Heard Of

I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut you have never heard of most of these little money-making machines:

Tabula Rasa Healthcare, up 127% 

eHealth inc, 
up 121% 

up 111% 

BioTelemetry Inc, 
up 99.7% 

up 93.7% 

Vicor Corp, 
up 80.8% 

Ensign Group, 
up 75.7%

The Amazing “Costanza Principle” – The Proven Secret To Rapid-Fire Gains In The Stock Market

Almost everyone in the world has watched at least one episode of Seinfeld.

This brilliant television comedy featured the character George Costanza, a beleaguered and bewildered little guy for whom nothing ever seemed to work out for.

Then George accidentally discovered a technique that worked for him.

He would just think about what he would usually do in a given situation, and then actually do the exact opposite. Life seemed to work for him after that.

Well, this “Costanza Principle” works like clockwork in the stock market as well.

Let me explain…

"It's the Costanza Principle: Do the opposite as everyone else on Wall Street. Invest in the stocks they're too afraid to even think about. It works time and time again."

"I know it's difficult for most investors to do – which is what makes it contrarian – but on the other hand, I don't understand why it's so difficult for investors to do.

There's so much evidence that doing the opposite and doing it with the market's tiny tots is the best way to grow wealthy. It's a no-brainer."

“So that's where I start – which is also the opposite of how most people do it."

Obviously, following the Lemmings of Wall Street is not going to make you rich.

Getting Rich In The Wild, Wild West Of The “Stealth Stock” Underground Hardly Anyone Knows About

Gains of 177%, 368%, 861%, and 2,560% are just about impossible to make in stocks that everyone knows about.

IBM, Microsoft, even Cisco Systems?

Forget about it.

Their days are long gone for making serious money in the stock market.

But returns like this are much more common in our favorite place to play.

Our “Stock Playground” is like the Wild, Wild West of old.

Where just about anything goes.

Where chaos and outlaws rule, until Wyatt Earp rides into town and tames it.

Sound risky?

Hang on, I’ll tell you how to nullify that risk in a moment…

How To Nullify The Risk Of Investing 
In This Market

I told you a short while ago I’d let you know how to totally nullify the risks of investing in this market.

Here’s how that is done…

First of all, you need someone who is an expert in this esoteric area of stock investing.

Preferably, someone who “eats, lives and breathes” this market.

Someone who can’t wait to get up in the morning each and every day to attack this market with a vengeance, and exploit it for all it’s worth.

And you need someone to do the “heavy lifting” – the drudgery of doing the hard work of researching this inefficient investing frontier for you.

Finally, you need someone who can practically force this market to provide the kinds of gains we mentioned before – gains like:

Why Today’s Market Environment Is The “Perfect Storm” For These Types Of Investments

#1 Bullish Trend: Trump’s Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Are Boosting Small Caps

President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law last December. That legislation lowered the corporate tax rate from an average rate of 28% for large caps (S&P 500) and 32% for small caps (Russell 2000) to 21% for both.

The average cut of 11% for small caps is much larger than the average of 7% for large caps. That action alone has evidently boosted the performance of small caps since December 2017.

In addition, the new tax rate appears to be making reinvestment, stock buybacks, M&A activity, and higher earnings per share more likely, all of which can be positive inducements for continued small-cap stock performance.

#2 Bullish Trend: Small Caps Do Very Well During Economic Expansions

According to data from Credit Suisse, since 1986, small caps have been up 100% of the time when GDP growth is in the 2% to 3% range.

Recent estimates suggest GDP should be 2% to 3% in 2018, and current consensus has it above 2% in 2019 too.

And those estimates could prove to be quite conservative.

Here’s President Trump from the October 19, 2016 presidential debate:

"We're bringing it (the GDP) from 1 percent up to 4 percent. And I actually think we can go higher than 4 percent. I think you can go to 5 percent or 6 percent."

Bottom line – it hasn’t paid to bet against Donald Trump – and history shows that when GDP growth is in its current range (much less 4 to 6 percent!), it also hasn’t paid to bet against small caps.

#3 Bullish Trend: Small Caps Should Benefit from High U.S. Exposure

Since roughly 80% of small-cap sales come from within the U.S. (compared to about 70% of S&P 500 revenues), investing in small caps is like a leveraged play on the U.S. economy.

With the U.S. economy humming along and with GDP estimates looking relatively strong, domestically-focused companies, which includes a large proportion of small caps, are doing quite well.

(And Leave Room for Travel and Luxuries)

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You know by now that the only way to get rich is by using money to make money.

Nobody gets rich by working.

Not by a long shot.

The rich get the way they are by using leverage. It’s simple physics.

Can a man pick up a horse? No way. Can a man use a pull and some ropes to lift 10 horses? Absolutely!

Money works the same way. You need a proven system for getting and keeping financial leverage on your side.

It really does start with stiffing the taxman (legally!) and investing that extra cash for additional profits.

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What would it mean to your portfolio if every $1,000 invested turned into $2,760, $3,680 or even $25,600 and more? What lifestyle changes would you make if you could discover a virtual Perpetual Motion Machine for stock market profits?

In a few minutes, I’m going to reveal the name of this “hidden” group of stocks that demolished the S&P 500 by a factor of 30 to 1. The “playground” we love to play in that hardly anyone else knows about, or even if they do, how to play the game there.

The stocks that made mega-fortunes for Warren Buffett and the biggest, most well-known hedge fund rockstars, guys like Seth Klarman, Ray Dalio, and John Paulsen.

The source of real world, Perpetual Profits for as long as you want to play.

Our amazing “Stock Playground” – and the source of our Perpetual Profit Money Machine – is made up of stocks that have now been scientifically proven to beat the market 100% of the time.

Let’s take a look at that remarkable study now.

Cronos Group (CRON), up more than 95% in less than four months

The Trade Desk (TTD), up more than 90% in just over two months

Attunity Ltd. (ATTU), up more than 27% in just over two months

Here’s just a sample of what you could have made off some of my recommendations:

Professor Ken French, of the Amos Tuck Graduate School of Business at Dartmouth University, created a database for different classes of stock market investments over history.

Annual returns from 1927 to 2004 for each investment class were calculated and stored in the database.  In June of each year, the classes were recalibrated to make sure the investments remained true to class.

These stocks are some of the “mosquitoes” Warren Buffett is talking about.

The one group of stocks he would buy to guarantee a 50% return each and every year – if he were not forbidden to buy them.

A group of stocks so forsaken and scorned that not one self-respecting Wall Street analyst in a hundred would even consider, for fear of being laughed at by his fellow analysts.

Bidvest Group Limited, up 79%.

Barloworld Limited,
up 103%.

Mr. Price Group Limited,
up 115%

Mix Telematics Limited,
up 182%.

To illustrate, here are a few more of my recent recommendations from our “Stock Playground”:

“Wall Street’s Worst Kept Secret!”

"There are 5,500 public companies with market caps below $2 billion, and chances are there's a future Nike Inc. or Microsoft Corp. hidden somewhere among them."

-- “Small-Caps Still a Good Long-Term Buy,” AP

"Small is often said to be beautiful, and small capitalization shares…have delivered investment returns…that are decidedly good looking. But cast your eyes even further down the size scale and the past performance picture gets even more handsome…The most startling, and heartening, statistic comes out of the experience seen over the past four years, however. Since 2000 MicroCaps have not only outperformed, they have bucked the negative trend."

-- “Penny shares prove...no laughing stock,” The Times UK

"If one began building portfolios of the smallest 10% market capitalized stocks and the largest market capitalized stocks in 1927 and continued doing so on the last day of each year through 2001, and holding each portfolio for the entire time period – the smallest stocks would have earned an annual return of about 20% over the period as contrasted with the largest stocks which earned 11.74% (on a value weighted basis). If we use an equally weighted portfolio, the small firm premium is much larger, nearly 30% annualized returns compared to about 12% for large cap stocks."

-- Investment Philosphies: Successful Strategies and the Investors Who Made Them Work, Aswath Damodaran

Not exactly household names, right?

Well, these are the kinds of stocks I’m talking about.

You must think outside the box, going where “no man has ever gone before” to snare these monster-size gains in the market.

It’s just common sense.

If everyone knows about something, it’s too late.

You don’t have an edge.

But you have to know what you’re doing, and you have to know where to look.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

Our favorite place to play, and where unbelievable returns are made each and every day, is in the undervalued, low-priced stock area.

Some people call this area “penny stocks.”

But I need to make one thing perfectly clear…

For some, the term “penny stocks” is an immediate turnoff.

They think of tons of spam hitting their email each day touting these so-called “miracle” stocks selling for pennies that are going to cure cancer, grow hair on your head, etc.

Or they may think about the dozens of unwanted and unauthorized faxes they get each day, touting the same stocks.

And you know what?

Some of these stocks are actually legitimate.

But most are what we call in the industry “pump and dump.”

That means these guys already own some of these worthless securities, and are trying to “pump” them up and pawn them off on the unsuspecting public, driving up the price so they can dump their shares.

That’s NOT what I’m talking about here!

What I AM talking about is simply discovering, after massive research, the incredibly undervalued, legitimate companies that just happen to be low-priced (for now).

And the “pump and dump” guys are actually doing us a great service.

Here’s how…

Because of the stigma associated with “penny stocks,” hardly anyone is paying attention, much less doing any amount of research, in that area.

Therein lies our opportunity, and your huge advantage.

You see, because these stocks are so under-researched, and with the Big Boys like Warren Buffett forced to look the other way for places to put their huge piles of cash, this market is incredibly inefficient, meaning it can easily be exploited for extraordinary gains if you know what you’re doing.

Think investing in this market is risky? Well, ponder this for a minute…

In short, you need someone obsessed with this market.

It’s time I introduce myself – the obsessed “Wyatt Earp” of this Wild, Wild West, this “Stealth Stock” Underground…

585.7% in Applied Optoelectronics 

1,509.1% in Momo Inc. 

236.5% in Qualys 

154.6% in Chef’s Warehouse 

85.71% in i3 Verticals 

557.9% in LogMeIn 

2,580% in Mitek Systems 

61.8% in Floor & Décor Holdings 

437.5% in Masimo Corp

I am also Chief Editor and senior analyst of Bulletproof Wealth Report.

With over 35 years of experience in the financial markets, what I do is rather simple.

I research small-cap companies offering new types of revolutionary products or services that are poised to become market leaders in their respective industry.

In order to pinpoint winners, a few things have to align near the beginning of their ascent. 

  • Their revenues and earnings have to be growing at a rapid rate…
  • They need to be strong financially…
  • And they’re trading at reasonable prices in relation to the current value of their projected future earnings.

In the early 2000s, I went gangbusters on a few little companies by the names of Netflix, Intuitive Surgical, and Baidu, names that everyone else in the industry had barely heard of.

You see, these were all relatively small, unknown companies at the time… and they tended to trade with higher volatility than their large-cap brethren…

But I just knew that through my own proprietary research methods, I’d landed on some heavyweights.

And boy did I!

Those who listened to me made out like bandits with gains to the tune of 49,955%, 6,373%, and 3,334%. 

I like to say I zigged when everyone else zagged.

You see, many investment strategists focus on the FANGs, a little term we use on the inside to categorize the famous blue-chips such as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

Theses strategists search out “safe” investments, those that can keep your portfolio barely in the green with minimal yearly increases – enough to keep it growing – but not enough to allow you to retire with little worries.

The problem with this approach is that when outside influences attack the marketplace, such as the recent onslaught of political and international conflicts, fear of trade wars happening right now with China, etc. That can bring these titans to their knees.

And when the majority of your portfolio is made up of these types of investments, that’s when panic arises.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe every portfolio should have its share of these investments, but I also believe in the “little guy”…

The type of stock that can send your portfolio through the roof like a rocket being launched into space … and fast.

So recently, I decided again to zig when others zag...

More on that in a minute, but first…

Let me tell you why today… as in right now… is the best time in recent history to invest in these types of small-cap plays…

My name is David Frazier.

You’ve likely seen me on TV, but in case you’ve never heard of me, here’s why I’m qualified to tell you how you can make a killing on these “Stealth Stock” investments almost immediately when you follow my advice.

I’m the Founder, President and Chief Market Strategist of Frazier, Browne & Mayer, a provider of investment research for small hedge funds and registered investment advisors.

Amazingly, pot stocks are turning out to be a natural place for baby boomer investors, believe it or not, is marijuana stocks. They are set to become the wealth builders of the new era, like tech stocks and biotech before them.

Politically, it’s a done deal. Sixty-two percent of Americans are now for legal pot, and 74% of
millennial voters are in favor, according to data from the Pew Trusts.

Believe me, no politician wants to get in the way of that many voters.

But pot investing, as with any new industry, can be extremely tricky. If you got in during the past few months, you probably lost money.

Risk is a real problem. Not that long ago, you had to buy most weed stocks over the counter. Almost all of them were penny stocks, highly volatile and very high risk.

Not my cup of tea. You can lose your shirt — and your house — playing with that stuff.

But, just like with marijuana policy, things are changing fast in the marijuana business. By 2025, sales of medical and legal recreational cannabis in the United State is forecast to hit $24 billion.

In comparison, the top 10 global banks recently posted revenues of $70 billion. If pot legalization and regulation goes truly nationwide, marijuana could soon dwarf Wall Street!

In my second free report, “3 Great Pot Stock Plays to Get Into Before the Big Money Takes Over,” I reveal:

A legal Canadian grower on the verge of a global breakout, thanks to the deep pockets of a legacy U.S. distribution company with a long history of amazing dividend growth. We’re talking billions of dollars of investment capital and know-how raining down on a firm that until now flew below the radar of even the savviest of hedge funds.

Another Canadian grower with both feet already on the ground in the fast-growing international market for pot products — but not weed for recreational use! Instead, this is a small firm set to explode higher on demand for pot-infused pharmaceutical products. It’s really a biotech focused on legal marijuana as a medicine for millions.

And a third firm that doesn’t even grow the stuff. but stands to profit handsomely as hundreds of marijuana startups flood the market in the years to come. This pot stock play is really more like a real estate investment that uses high-tech know-how to make pot companies more profitable, faster. Financially, it’s pot on steroids!

And finally, the second report, “3 Steel Stocks Poised to Surge as Trump Presses Ahead on the Border Wall,” is wrapped up in the inevitable burst of demand that will come from the construction of major new barriers on our southern border.

Love it or hate it, the wall is coming. Even the Democrats seem resigned to giving President Donald Trump at least some support for steel barriers along the border with Mexico.

Here’s a hint for investors: He’s going to do much more than that. By the time this whole wall mess gets through the courts, we’ll be smack dab in the middle of the 2020 presidential election race.

Trump will make the wall the centerpiece of his case for reelection, so you can bet a lot of it will be approved by funded by Congress soon enough.

That should send steelmakers through the rafters. In this report, I break down the “Big Three” U.S. steel companies expected to cash in when those contracts come through. And you better believe they’ll be U.S. companies providing the steel!

The Millionaire Money Secret, the ultimate guide to investing, saving and retiring like the richest 1%. I'll reveal 47 of these best-kept insider secrets.

3 Great Pot Stock Plays to Get Into Before the Big Money Takes Over. I provide three great ways to profit from the coming wave of legal marijuana businesses, from the plant to medical uses and even pot infrastructure as an investment play.

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Almost Overlooked Scientific Research Reveals
How To Beat The Market 100% Of The Time

Warren Buffett’s Secret — How To Make A Fortune In The Stock Market Just Like He Did, On Stocks Warren Is Now Forbidden To Buy

Warren Buffett’s Secret - How To Make A Fortune In The Stock Market Just Like He Did, On Stocks Warren Is Now Forbidden To Buy
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Why Today’s Market Environment Is The “Perfect Storm” For These Types Of Investments
Getting Rich In The Wild, Wild West Of The “Stealth Stock” Underground Hardly Anyone Knows About
The Amazing “Costanza Principle” – The Proven Secret To Rapid-Fire Gains In The Stock Market
How To Make A Fortune In Stocks No One Has Ever Heard Of
“Wall Street’s Worst Kept Secret!”

Take a look at the following chart…

The chart shows the S&P 600 Small Cap Index. As of February 25, 2019, the market capital of companies included in this index ranged from $400 million to $1.8 billion.

And in just the last few weeks, that index broke out to an all-time high, surpassing the “magic” 1,000 mark for the first time in its 24-year history!

Small caps are now handily beating the broad market, with annualized gains over the past 10 years of 16.6% per year, ever year. It’s on track of another 16%+ year, vs. less than 12% for the S&P 500.

Certain sectors are up even more, like small-cap health care up 30.6%.

So what’s causing this small cap tsunami run-up, and why is right now the “Perfect Storm” for piling investment funds into small caps?

It’s the confluence of three enormously bullish trends…

After a quick analysis of these three bullish trends, I think you can easily see that the small cap sector is where you want to be.

We’re in the “Perfect Storm” of small cap outperformance, as far as the eye can see.

But for me it’s not just about making money. It’s about keeping what’s yours.

Ever wonder how the rich get richer? They have an inside track.

They buy a lot of the same investments that the little guy sees, but they buy them at the right time.

Rich investors have advisors, really sharp stock operators and even sharper accountants and lawyers.

Nothing gets by these guys. If the IRS changes even one little rule to their advantage, they pounce!

The rich know that every penny they keep out of Uncle Sam’s hands and in their pocket is a penny working to make them richer still.

Now, you could hire those lawyers and those “green eyeshade” wearing tax geeks. But they cost a pretty penny too.

You know, it takes money to make money. In this case, it takes money to hire the right help when it comes to investment and taxes.

The thing is, there’s nothing really mystical about it all. The tax code is public information. And I’ve got a perfect way for you to cut through all the legalese and get the most money with the least effort.

How does he do it? Simply put, the government lets Amazon deduct from its tax bill the cost of stock it gives to its own employees, including Bezos himself.

Essentially, the government paid Bezos and his managers to enrich themselves at the cost of the U.S. Treasury.

Nice work if you can get it!


Did you know that 56% of people in the United States today don’t have enough money to last them through retirement — even a retirement that’s considered “poverty level?”

Or that a 65-year-old couple retiring today will spend, on average, a total of $275,000 out of pocket on healthcare?

Let’s face it…

The odds are stacked against you when you retire.

And not having enough money to survive is a terrible burden to bear.  

Just look at Jeff Bezos, the richest man on earth. His net worth is $134.8 billion, and rising by millions every day. He earns an estimated $4,475,885 per hour working for Amazon, the company he founded. 

Taxes paid by Amazon itself: $0.

This is a company that made $11 billion in profits in 2018. Yet its corporate tax bill has rarely poked its head above zero, for years on end. 

That’s why I’ve put together a FREE book that will help you retire with not only enough money to live on, but enough money to THRIVE — to live out your golden years with joy ... ease … and excitement.

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Imagine if you could join the inner circle of the wealthy, and see what their $5,000 an hour accountant does with their money…

Imagine being able to save enough for your retirement to not only avoid relying on your children … but to have the freedom to live out your golden years exactly as you choose…

Imagine buying your own beachfront property, or having the ability to spend as much time with your grandchildren as you please.

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Vividly envision the kind of retirement you want most…

What would you do with the joy of financial freedom?

Where would you go if money weren’t a concern?

Where would you travel … where would you eat … and who would you be if you had lasting financial security?

Most importantly though…

How would you feel if you missed your ticket to the good life right now?

And how would you cope if you ran out of money and had to ask your loved-ones for financial assistance?

These are tough questions that only you can answer.

But I’m sure you can agree with me on one important point…

The way to get what you want — while avoiding what you don’t — is through knowledge…

Knowledge that I’m offering you RIGHT NOW in my book: The Millionaire Money Secret.

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Let’s make a killing while others are paralyzed by fear.

You may recall me talking about “the little guy”.

Since I’m not the biggest fan of “The FANGS,” I focus my expertise in the area of companies who have will become the FANGs 2.0.

Tomorrow’s FANGs.

You see Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google are yesterday’s news.

What I currently have my eye on, are emerging markets and small-cap stocks that have much more potential than the blue chips.

Like I said earlier, I like to put my research into companies offering new types of revolutionary products or services that are poised to become market leaders in their respective industry.

And Bulletproof Wealth Report does just that.

It’s a 10-page newsletter in which I review economic and geopolitical developments that are likely to affect the future direction of the worldwide financial markets and… more importantly… the stocks that I’ve recommended.

“3 Steel Stocks Poised to Surge as Trump Presses Ahead on the Border Wall”

and 3 Steel Stocks Poised to Surge as Trump Presses Ahead on the Border Wall. This report lays out the case for early investment in one, two or three of America’s best steelmakers in advance of the big push to harder our southern border — a political inevitability as the 2020 race for the presidency begins.

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In it, I reveal the best ways to earn … save … and protect your money from the government.

These are the loopholes the IRS doesn’t want you to know. And they’re the strategies typically reserved for the financial elite.

For example:

You may not believe it, but this “money haven” is accessible to ALL Americans.

And even though it’s 100% legitimate, the government keeps it very tight lipped — stuffing it deep in the fine print of confusing legal jargon.

Or what about this one...

True again.

Or how about the fact that…

These are just three of the secrets you’ll discover inside my new book, The Millionaire Money Secret, which I’m offering to you for free today!

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I explain what’s happening in the economy – good or bad – along with giving you “intel” about future economic developments and “trading action” taking place on the ground in the US Markets.

Then I use my experience to give you actionable advice on how to generate money to build up your retirement through our model portfolios that focus on small-company stocks.

This is where it can get fun.

Now, I realize I’ve already laid out the case for investing in our favorite “Stock Playground” – Hidden Value Small Cap Stocks.

But just to give you one more idea of what we’re dealing with here…

From 1930 to the end of 2013, small-company stocks generated a 12.7% compounded average annualized return, while large-company stocks generated only a 9.7% return.

Although that may not appear to be a big difference, a one-time investment of $10,000 into a small-company stock that generates a 12.7% compounded average annual return…

Would grow to $109,265 over a 20-year period while the same $10,000 invested in large-company stocks would only grow to $63,700.

As you might imagine, the added gains we target could take the retirement numbers mentioned even higher.

But I don’t just leave you guessing after sending the newsletter out each month.

Nope… I wouldn’t do that to you in a million years.

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You’ll know how much to buy it for…

You’ll know what and when to sell…

And you’ll know how much to sell it for…

So please keep your eye on your inbox.

You’re never alone in this venture, because I want to see you succeed…

And I want to see profits fly in for you from all angles.

I know, I get it…

This is a big promise…

But hear me out.

I have numerous documented success stories and qualified praise like this... 




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