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Keene Little, the man responsible for teaching rapid wealth creation to tens of thousands of people...has just released a controversial new book. In it, he claims cryptocurrency has opened up a profit possibility that never existed before...and it allows anyone... young, old... rich or profit in ways that haven’t been possible in decades...

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As Featured In…

Why do the rich always get richer and the poor always get poorer?

Keene Little, the “crypto-maven” thinks he might have the answer. 

He says: “most people have no idea where to invest”

Now if that sounds overly simplistic or unsophisticated...

Just give me a minute of your time...

Because in his shocking book, Cryptocurrency Playbook -How to build wealth everyone is jealous any age....

>> Did you know that 11 major celebrities including: Ashton Kutcher. ...are in this investment


  • Jamie Foxx. ...
  • DJ Khaled. ...
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. ...
  • Mike Tyson. ...
  • Roseanne Barr. ...
  • Donald Glover. ...
  • Paris Hilton.

Have admitted they are deeply invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and are making millions doing it?

Those are only the celebrities who’ve ANNOUNCED it. 

Or how about this…

These currencies, cryptocurrencies, are entering the mainstream as we speak. 

Did you know that....

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss won $65 million from the Facebook lawsuit, and invested $11 million of their payout into Bitcoin in 2013, amassing one of the largest portfolios of Bitcoin in the world — 
1 percent of the entire currency’s dollar value equivalent, said the twins at the time. Their slice of the Bitcoin pie grew to over $1 billion after Bitcoin surged past $10,000 last year, according to CoinDesk. The cryptocurrency has surged over 10,000 percent since the Winklevoss’ investment, when one coin traded at around $120.

You can be 18 or 80, cryptocurrency has a profit opportunity for you.
It’s true.

And, amazingly, this kind of currency is available to anyone around the globe.
Yet the government heavily restricts its advertising to the general public… even though it is the newest, most profitable, investment opportunity to hit the markets in decades...

Google and Facebook now currently ban websites talking about these currencies. What are they hiding???

And you don’t need to even understand what these coins mean?

Your role is not a complicated matter.

Just follow Keene’s advice, and reap the profits.

The unique strategy Keene developed is called “Bubble catching”

What is “bubble catching?”

It’s something most Americans have never heard of, because it involves currencies 
most Americans have never heard little-known. For starters, it’s not a government account. 

Far from it.  Governments mostly haven’t even figured out a way to regulate it.

For example you'll discover:

>> Did you know fairly new currency named Ripple...was able to snag a partnership with American Express (NYSE:AXP) and Banco Santander


People are completely unaware of the value of these smaller underrated currencies. And the number of people who are making money with them DWARFs the number of people who make money in the stock market. 

Who do you know that's actually made money timing the stock market.

By contrast, I know many people who have made money investing in these currencies. In fact, I don’t know of one who has lost money!

Then there is the concept of bubble catching.

Whenever one of these new currencies are introduced to the market there is what we call a bubble. The price rises greatly as the early adopters jump into the pool. Then the bubble pops. The price drops precipitously.

To catch the bubble is to buy before the rise...and sell before the drop.

That’s bubble catching.

It’s easy. And it’s fun. And it’s something you can do multiple times a day.

At first you can do it with as little as $1. Then you’ll become more comfortable and be able to invested thousands of dollars per bubble. Think of it like houses. Buy low and sell high. Only in this case your flipping money.

These are ideas most Americans have never heard of, typically reserved for the rich elite. But in Keene’s new book, he pulls back the curtains on these cash cows for the very first time…

How Radical Inflation will surely be the demise of the USD sending Bitcoin skyrocketing (page 41)

Why PayPal might be one of the WORST places to keep your money (page 45). 

The exact ICO blueprint that could maximize your crypto investment (page 58) 

How to Best Trade, Store and Buy Cryptocurrencies to Minimize Taxes Legally (page 86)

Using a simple strategy called “Bubble Catching”

He wants to prove to you that it he’s sending out his book 100% free for you and your loved ones...

All these ideas—and more—are revealed inside Cryptocurrency Playbook: How to Safely and Securely Invest in the New Gold Rush!

Today, as part of a national experiment on wealth building, you can claim a copy of this breakthrough book absolutely FREE (keep reading for full details).

Let me explain…

I’ve been doing this for 20 years now and have reached thousands of people. 

And I got to watch their life change.

...Seeing them spending more time with grandchildren. 

...Seeing them able to trade in their cars and buy new

....Seeing them able to provide the private education for their children they've always dreamed of

The joy of doing this will never wear off. 

What I love is being part of the transformation.

Watching people walk in...with cryptocurrency like a 3rd language to them...and walk out with mastery. 

It’s really much easier than people think. 

You just need to find the right person, who knows of what they speak...

Without having to worry about how your “investments” are doing. And without having some Manhattan “bankster” get rich instead of you.

That’s the goal behind Cryptocurrency Playbook: How to Safely and Securely Invest in the New Gold Rush.

It shows you the best places to put your money today, and when to get it out...which is usually a matter of days. So you rarely put your money at risk for more than 72 hours.

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Who is Keene Little?

  • He’s a full time trader...
  • He did so well he started to teach...
  • Writing technical analysis and a certified market technician for 20 years.
  • He's made more money than all the “experts” in the financial meltdown of 2008...
  • He’s been teaching for nearly 15 years...with Keene’s Newsletter.
  • He trades both ways and made more money in the downturn than he ever has in his life...

Keene is still defending our country. But in another way. He’s still defending our constitution and our right to free speech. Mega corporations like Facebook and Google should never have the power to stop the little guy from speaking. But they do. Keene is the tip of the spear in that battle by teaching cryptocurrency. The strategy they don’t want you to know.

Keene Little is considered by many as America’s #1 expert on financial freedom via currency... 

It all started when he was in the US Navy as a fighter pilot. A day in the skies changed his life.

It was the height of the cold war...tensions were high. He was flying a super sonic jet off the coast of the Philippines. 

When he had to make the most dangerous maneuver of his life.
His fuel was running low. 

Dangerously low. He knew he either had to land or eject NOW.

One problem. They were in the middle of a monsoon and visibility was only a matter of a few feet in front of you. To make matters worse, the shoreline is spotted with large mountains.

With the oil so low,  he was in danger of becoming a 2 ton fireball at any moment. 

That was when all his power failed. All his gauges...all his communication devices were kaput. Luckily, his co-pilot still had working radar. 

By the grace of God, Keene finally saw a tiny hole in the clouds with a green patch below it. 

He knew if he could just  get through that hole he could land the aircraft safely. 

And that’s exactly what he did.
“We could've flamed out at any point”...he  says...

And yet...there was no panic. 

We had a plan. And a backup plan.
When circumstances changed...we just updated our plan...."

Keene has been retired from the Navy for 20 years.

And when he "landed" for the last time, he wanted to find something equally volatile...without putting his body at risk. He found the financial markets. And quickly achieved success.

He took those skills from the Navy home with him and it served him he had one “Base hit” after another. Not swinging for the fences, but instead, striving for consistent returns.

Although he did have some home runs. 4900% profit from one tiny investment. 


He’ll show you how he did that in his FREE BOOK

“Now that I know a little about  Keene Little, your probably asking yourself, why is he sending out this book for free?

Great questions.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our system today isn’t working.

Social Security is being revealed as the ponzi scheme it always was Pensions are a pastime.

And, according to a recent survey, 56% of Americans—more than one in two!—have less than $10,000 saved up for retirement.

It’s crazy!

But more than that, it’s sad.

It’s sad that millions of Americans face the prospect of becoming a greeter at Walmart. 

That’s why Keene stepped in.

You see, with almost 5,000 active subscribers, he has helped navigate the treacherous and volatile cryptocurrency market.

And Keene has something to say to you right now,

If you are looking to the stock market for your profit honey pot. Look no further. It doesn’t work. It hasn't worked. And it will never work. You’d be surprised. Those advisors telling you how to invest, actually have their money OFF Wall Street. How corrupt is that! 

Currency and particularly cryptocurrency opens a completely new window towards profiting that hasn’t been possible in decades. And the beauty is you don’t even need to understand currency to profit from it. Just leave that to me. Follow my signals and you’ll be in profit. 

Even though most have never heard of it, I truly believe this is the fastest  and most secure path to financial freedom. That’s why I’m giving away this FREE BOOK. It’s first come first don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Rather than get mad, Keene wants you to get even.

And the best way to do that is to mimic what these rich guys are doing. And the rich guys, are doing cryptocurrency.

Overstock, Starbucks, Subway, Microsoft, American Express.

All accept cryptocurrency. What does that tell you? If you were a sailor what would that tell you about where the wind is blowing?

The answer is clear.

Cryptocurrency is here to’s our future...and it’s a crying shame you aren’t already profiting from it yourself. Let’s fix that.

Let me give you this FREE BOOK for absolutely nothing.

To make this decision even easier than easy...I want to add some bonuses to your order that will blow your mind...

I’m going to give you...

Crypto Wealth Protocol members receive weekly and monthly newsletters with coin recommendations and bonus content that will inform you of buy/ sell / trade signals.

Plus, you'll get instant access to the Crypto Wealth Protocol Portfolio which will show you the blue chips, speculative and other altcoins that Keene has invested in.

Regularly $99/year, yours FREE for 30-Days when you grab your copy of The Cryptocurrency Playbook today!

Plus, you're going to receive...

A FREE 30-Day membership to the Crypto Wealth Protocol. 

The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies that Will Roar in 2018 

You’ll make a pretty penny off these penny “stocks”.

That’s a 
$99 value

Bonus report #1

The Ultimate Guide to Safely Securing and Storing Your Cryptocurrency

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If it’s not safe. It’s not worth it. Online thieves are getting smarter. But we are 5 steps ahead of them. Find out how in this invaluable manual.

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The Crypto Blueprint: How to Buy, Sell and Trade Like a Pro

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See how the insiders buy and save on fees and much more...

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The Bulletproof Gold Report

Bonus report #4

How to maximize precious metal gains.

Multiple sources of income are key to financial freedom. And that’s what Keene will give you here.

Once you know how to profit from multiple sources... you will become a secure, well rounded and confident investor.

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24/7 Access to the Crypto Wealth Portfolio Support Team.


This support team is a dream to work with. Call them up at any time from anywhere in the world. 

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And that’s not all! When you take this free book, I’m going to show you the exact coins in my portfolio and the trades I recommend in a community with over 3,000 subscribers to my newsletter.

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Last Chance

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Because there are a limited number of copies available and that’s the God’s honest truth. 

You have nothing to lose and a store of wealth to gain...

Secure your copy today—right now—while we still have free copies on hand.

Remember: Much of what is taught in Cryptocurrency Playbook you won’t see on the pages of Forbes. They are blacklisted from mainstream media. 

Ask yourself: what are they hiding?

The truth is, the same people who are banning the advertisement of these investments are using them themselves. 

How evil is that!

That’s why you need THIS BOOK. 

You need to fight back. 

Keene has already made millions for his clients...and the strategies he shares in this book are even better than what he has taught them. 

All you need to do is ...

Just click on the link below. In less than two minutes, you’ll secure your free copy of the hardbound “Cryptocurrency Playbook book and all your free bonuses.  

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Little, reveals the one place all the financial advisors FORGOT to tell  you about that is  the biggest investment opportunity on the planet since Apple entered the market.
A place where you can get gargantuan returns...with little stress...

Celebrities, by the dozen are investing a bulk of their money here...but they’re not talking much about it..

This little known honey-pot is used by politicians and heads of state as well.

So are top hedge fund managers...but they aren’t offering this option to their clients.

Because it’s outside the stock market. And the stock market is the only place they are told to play.

The stock market is overrun by “whales”, massive investors who manipulate the market. These “whales” are in bed with the politicians in an unholy alliance.

In other words, the stock market is not your friend...

No form of stock market prediction seem reliable, because stocks aren’t reliable. 

Because the stock market is the world’s biggest casino. And the house always wins.
But that’s about to stop. 

Because Keene Little is giving away a book FOR FREE, that can free you from the hamster wheel and potentially give you the opportunity for complete financial freedom.

His recommended opportunity for investment is unconventional.
Many haven’t heard of it at all.

But that’s just like Apple, before anyone had heard of it at all.

Having not heard of it...puts you on the cutting edge of the biggest wealth transfer in decades.

And this time, unlike the other times, the wealth is being transferred to the little guy.

Maybe that’s why they call him ‘Keene Little’. Because he has your back. 

The money is there for the taking. And it’s the EASIEST and FASTEST way to build up enough money to become ‘financially independent’.

You can make money in bull markets as well as bear markets. You can see movements of 30-50% in one day! If you know how to capitalize on that with Keene’s book you’ll be floating in green.

Who’s involved in cryptocurrency?

The fact is... there was Bitcoin...but Bitcoin has seen its day in the sun. 

We likely won’t see it go as high as 10,000 again in our lifetime. 

The most exciting opportunities are the smaller coins. You may not realize it, but as we speak there are tens of thousands of new currencies being introduced to the marketplace.

These coins are popping up constantly. Are some of these coins nothing but garbage code? Yes. But there are many good ones. 

Many of these coins are actually superior to Bitcoin in what they can do.

Which means it’s only a matter of time before they overtake Bitcoin and claim the $10,000 per coin mantle. 

There was a time when people didn’t understand the value of a Bitcoin. 

People bought pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins which later became 1 million dollars. 

Click Here To Grab Your FREE COPY of the Cryptocurrency PlaybookClick Here To Grab Your FREE COPY of the Cryptocurrency PlaybookGet Your Free Book HEREClick Here To Grab Your FREE COPY of the Cryptocurrency Playbook

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